Nov 02, 2015


“What Mercy Flows” song and chart from Resonate Worship // FREE Download

Collegiate Collective offers you a free MP3 download and song chart from Resonate Church’s new project that is raising money for their new church plant at Eastern Washington University.

Resonate Church is a particularly bright spot in the world of collegiate church planting. God has used their church to plant and grow six collegiate churches since the initial church was planted in 2007 at Washington State University in Pullman. Recently, their leaders have unveiled what they call the “21×21 Vision.” They are praying for God to use their network of churches to plant a total of 21 churches by 2021! It’s an inspiring vision and one we’ll share more about in future posts here on the Collective.

One of the ways Resonate is funding their church planting efforts is by recording and releasing worship albums. It’s a really creative idea and one we thought was worth discussing here. Josh Martin, one of their founding pastors, agreed to answer a few questions for us about their new album, Cheney, and to release a song for FREE via our site. Read on for the link. (Actually, go purchase the album first and then come back and read more.)

CC: Give us the quick background on Resonate.

JM: In December of 2006, five people (who would later be called Resonate Church) started meeting in a coffee shop in Pullman, WA. For 9 months we gathered and invited people to what we called “The Resonate Sessions.”

Each week we shared a meal together and opened the Scriptures to dream about what our church could be. We told people, “If what we’re talking about ‘resonates’ with you, please stick around. If not, please go away, it will be better for us both.” That gathering grew from five to fifty. On August 19th, 2007, Resonate Church rented the lobby of event center and had our first public worship gathering. We used a king size sheet as our screen. (I wish I was lying.) We grew from 50-180 people that day.

At the time, we didn’t know what we were doing was innovative. We sincerely wanted to reach our city, and our city was 80% college students. In August of 2008, we started a church in Moscow, ID, targeting the University of Idaho students.

In our first eight years, God has given us grace and favor beyond our expectation. We have seen students come to Christ and have been able to celebrate over 400 baptisms.

We now have sites at Washington State University, University of Idaho, Central Washington University, and Eastern Washington University. We have forty people on staff, all of which raise their own support.

CC: Your team has their sights on a bunch more church plants in the next few years. Why invest so much time and energy into these albums?

JM: Writing songs is hard. Recording music is hard… and expensive. Making a living making music is not for the faint at heart. And that’s if you’re doing it by yourself or with a few friends. It’s more complex when you add in the church, the volunteers, the collaboration, and the opinions of everyone wanting everything done their way. It’s exhausting. I need a nap just thinking about it.

The tricky part is, many of us love songwriting. We love/hate the creative grind. And we’ve always wanted to be on a team that would enrich the church with old truths sung a new way. So when we started this our desire was to write and record music but skip the complexity of dollars and demands and jump right into collaboration for the church.

The “Music for the mission” vision came at a meeting in my living room when I asked our band this series of questions:

“Do we really believe Jesus is the hope of the world?”
“Do we really believe the single most significant thing happening in all the world is the planting and establishing of local churches?”

If so…

“What if we used all our talents to push forward the mission? “

“What if we wrote songs, made a record, named it after the city we were planting in, and used all the money to fund the church plant?”

“And what if we did that every year?”

In short: What would happen if we believed—all of us—that what we write doesn’t belong to us? What if we believed it all comes from God, for the church, through the church, back to God?

That night changed everything. We knew what we were doing: further funding church plants. We know how we were doing it: giving all profit from album sales. And we knew why it mattered: Jesus is the Savior all people need!

We plan to bring you much more from Josh and the Resonate family on their 21×21 vision, but for now enjoy this free track from their Cheney album. We’ve also included a free chord chart so that your worship leaders can consider using it in your large group gatherings or church services.

What Mercy Flows – Resonate Church (mp3 download)

What Mercy Flows Chord Chart

Needless to say, we believe in what Resonate Church is doing and hope you’ll consider purchasing the album and sharing the link with your friends who love great music and an even better cause.

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