Sep 29, 2014


What’s the Value of A Baptism Service?

Collegiate church pastors Josh Martin, Victor Thomas, and Eric Asp talk about the role of baptism and baptism services in collegiate churches. They discuss the reason for baptism, the process students go through to be baptized, and what baptism services look like at their churches. All agree that making a baptism service a celebration event is extremely valuable to the church, and creates a great evangelistic opportunity.

Josh Martin (Worship Arts Pastor – Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
Victor Thomas (Lead Planter – The Point Church – Vancouver, BC)
Eric Asp (Pastor – h2o Kent – Kent, OH)

Key Points:

  • As fully functioning churches, collegiate church plants practice baptism for new believers. This differs from para-church campus ministries., who do not perform church ordinances.
  • Baptism is a frequent topic of conversation among students, and one that ministries should be ready to address.
  • Creating a specific event where baptisms are celebrated is a powerful tool for inviting non-believers and for evangelism.

Questions to consider:

  • In what ways does your ministry leadership prepare to discuss the topic of baptism with students? Is everyone on the same page?
  • How can your church make baptisms a more evangelistic opportunity?
  • What is your philosophy on spontaneous baptisms?

Links and additional resources:

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