Aug 08, 2016


Why Your College Ministry Matters

Chase Abner provides a timely reminder that no matter the size or success of your back-to-campus outreach, your college ministry matters.

Over the past couple months, I’ve been in a lot of conversations about the best practices for back-to-campus outreach. I’ve followed threads on our Facebook group and seen plenty of Twitter convos. I even watched Campus Ministry Today’s extremely helpful “Kickstart Welcome Week” webinar.

One thing is clear to me:

Collegiate leaders are as hungry as ever to see the gospel advance on their campuses.

This inspires me and I pray that God breathes on all of the strategies and plans we’ve been dreaming up for the fall. I think it’s nearly impossible to overstate how much college ministry matters. That’s part of why we started this site. We wanted to be a consistent champion for the work of college ministries of all kinds – Campus-based and church-based. Parachurch and local church. Established churches and church plants. Missional and attractional.

We try to provide regular reminders of why this work matters from as many angles as possible. College ministry is strategically important because of the students’ stage of life. College ministry is missiological important because of who is on campus. College ministry is culturally important because of the influence these students will have post-college. The list could go on and on…

But I’m also praying that you won’t forget the key reason that your college ministry matters:

Your college ministry matters because God has called you to it.

Because of that, your work this fall will matter regardless of the outcomes. Your faithfulness will be pleasing to him, even if he doesn’t grant the fruitfulness you seek. Whether you get five contacts or 500, your obedience is not wasted.

What is more, God will not be disappointed in you if you don’t meet your goals. He’s not sitting back with a tally sheet waiting to see if you get the right numbers. He is FOR you. He has purposed to love you in Christ and nothing will turn back his hand.

I don’t know about you, but this reality inspires me to work hard… but it’s not labor earn something or repay a debt. It’s about working hard so that others might know this rest and that God would be glorified in it.

So before you get too deep in your plans and strategies and the campus blitz, would you take some time to re-center your soul on this reality?

What would it profit a collegiate leader to win the whole campus but to lose his own soul?

about the author

Chase Abner

Chase is the Lead Church Planting Catalyst in Iowa with the North American Mission Board and music geek.