Feb 10, 2015


Wired for Leadership

A free leadership tool for strengths and personality assessment brought to you by Collegiate Collective.

Click here to download “Wired for Leadership” (pdf). And check out this step-by-step video explanation of how to use the “Wired for Leadership” tool.

We know that God has gloriously made us in his very image, but we do not often think about the fact that he has also wired us uniquely for service and ministry. Too often many struggle in ministry, in part, because we do not know how to maximize the things that we love to do and minimize or delegate those things that are our weaknesses.

Collegiate Collective’s Lance Crowell shares this reflection on the value of knowing yourself in ministry:

“I remember years ago working through this process having one of those ‘ah ha’ moments. I realized that I procrastinated on certain parts of my work because they were in an area of weakness and instead of tackling them head on I would try to put them off. Once I began to understand my wiring it completely made sense as to why I would struggle in certain areas. It also gave me confidence to do the things I was weak at and to work to maximize my time in the areas of my strengths.”

This is a very basic tool that is a great team building experience to help you know your team better. It is something that every staff should go through at some point. “Wired for Ministry” will also provide clarity for leaders as to the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Knowing how someone feels appreciated and cared for on your team is an invaluable tool that is often overlooked in ministry.

Feel free to use it as is or adapt it as needed for your team.

Click here to download “Wired for Leadership” (pdf).  

Video explanation of how to use the “Wired for Leadership” tool.

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