Dec 25, 2017

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Top 5 Articles of 2017

We look back on 2017 and bring you a list of our top five articles of the year.

It has been a great year for us at Collegiate Collective. We’re consistently blown away at how God keeps growing our ministry. From a small conversation between Brian Frye and Rahul Agarwal in 2013 to a website with over 30,000 users this year, we’ve remained focused on the goal of elevating and advancing the gospel on campus.

We know we couldn’t do this without you. It is a “Collective,” after all. One of the biggest ways we’ve seen this realized is through our Facebook group. If you haven’t yet, please click and request membership by telling us a little about where you serve!

Without further ado, we’ll bring you our most popular articles of 2017!

5. Student-led or Staff-led? – Mike Puckett
Guest writer Mike Puckett shares about moving his college ministry from student-led to staff-led and what to consider when deciding the structure of your ministry.

4. 5 Things You Need to Do This Summer – Andy Cimbala
Here, 2017 Featured Writer Andy Cimbala offers five practical steps you should take to make the most of your summer as a college ministry leader.

3. How to Preach So Students Will Listen – David Worcester 
In this piece, 2017 Featured Writer David Worcester shares four things to remember so that when you preach, students will listen. He highlights the importance of being real, speaking with passion, and making the Bible clear.

2. Creating a Culture of Inclusion – David Clark 
In his first article for Collegiate Collective, David Clark provides some practical advice on how to create a culture of inclusion, where students feel a sense of belonging and are drawn into the family of God.

1. 10 Books to Read with Student Leaders – Paul Worcester
We couldn’t be more thankful for Paul Worcester and all that he has done to build Collegiate Collective. Few have done as much as Paul to elevate the need of collegiate evangelism and to share disciple-making resources across denominational lines and across the globe. In this article, Paul shares his personal list of best books to read with student leaders.

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