Dec 21, 2017


The Best Of The Best Part 1

How A College Ministry Grows (Repost)

In today’s repost, we go back to episode 51. Whether trying to grow from a college ministry of 10 to 20, or from 100 to 1000, there are certain principles that hold true. In this episode, Noe Garcia shares both the philosophical and practical steps you can take to help your college ministry experience growth.

Noe Garcia // College Pastor, Cross Church, Fayetteville, AR // @ngarcia0802

Notable Points:

  • The first key to growing a college ministry is “giving the ministry away.” College students are hungry to serve, and gifted in unique ways to reach their peers.
  • Publicly sharing testimonies of powerful transformation in students’ lives relates to other students who are listening, and reminds them that God is still alive and active.
  • “Whenever God is at work in big ways, the enemy will strike hard.” Be prepared.
  • “Growth doesn’t matter if there is no depth. When we produce quality disciples, the quantity of people will take care of itself.”

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Noe Garcia

Noe is the college pastor at the Cross Church. He met his wife, Clancey, in San Francisco, CA in 2010 while in seminary. They were engaged 5 months later, married 2 months after that, then pregnant 2 months into their marriage! They have been married for 5 years and have 2 beautiful children. Baylen James was born in 2011 and Mamie Caroline was born in 2013.

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