Aug 01, 2016


All Things to All Peeps: Engaging the Micro-cultures on Campus

This round-table discussion is filled with discussion on how to reach out to micro-cultures on campus. From drum corp to the greek houses, these tight-knit, and often closed groups take a little different approach when it comes to ministry. These practitioners will lay out the ways they have approached micro-cultures and what success they have had.

  • William Kang (Gracepoint – Davis, CA)
  • Jane Worsham (Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
  • Evan Woods (Box 7 Ministries – Denton, TX)
Key Points:
  • Micro-cultures are closed groups that require shared special interest and entrance rights. These are not places where a person can just advertise Bible studies and gain a following. It takes a certain amount of respect and regard to included.
  • A great way to reach these micro-cultures is to raise up student leaders who are already included in these groups. Empower and equip them to share the Gospel with their peers.  
  • Even if you are not part of one of these groups, relationships can go a long way. In the video, Jane takes some time to talk about how she gets to know some of the greek students on campus, and the importance of asking them about them, and not necessarily focusing on their house or sport. Each person is a soul that needs Christ, and being able to see them for that goes a very long way.
Questions to consider:
  • What active micro-cultures are prominent on your campus?
  • What micro-cultures do you or members of your staff already have caché?
  • What would be 2-3 groups that you could start praying for?
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