Aug 04, 2016


Episode 111: After College

Navigating Transitions, Relationships, and Faith

Erica Young Reitz, author of a new book called, “After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationships and Faith.” Today, she shares about the challenges college students face once students graduate. She also gives practical guidance on how college students go from college student to a work and community life. Erica is also the is the director of Senior Exit Ministry.

Erica Young Reitz// Director of Senior Exit// @EricaYoungReitz

Notable Points:

  • The transition after college into a community is a vital portion of the christian life.
    • This is something that most ministries don’t think about.
  • This book is vital for leaders working with college students. The book is biblically rooted and practical.
    • The book also discusses the major issues that recent graduates will face.
  • How should the book be used?
    • This can be used as a text to be taught from or for personal reading to help with this difficult time.
    • The book is also applicable for several years following graduation.
  • It is important to realize that a lot of situations are similar, but not the same during this transition.  This problem and lack of attention to it is pervasive throughout the U.S.
  • When alumni thrive they give back to what helped get them their.

Recommended Books

After College Navigating Transitions, Relationships and Faith (Erica Young Reitz)

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about the author

Erica Young Reitz

After 14 years of college ministry experience working for the CCO, Erica is now teaching and consulting. Her passion for equipping graduating seniors to prepare for life after college continues. Erica is available to speak and consult – she loves connecting with students and 20-somethings as well as with practitioners who work with them. Currently, she serves as an adjunct faculty for Geneva College’s Master’s in Higher Education Program. She is the author of After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationship and Faith (InterVarsity Press).

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