Aug 25, 2016


Episode 114: Engaging and Reaching Students

Reaching Students far from God

Nic Burleson is the lead pastor at Timber Ridge Church in Stephenville, Texas and planted the church in 2011.  Nic is passionate about developing leaders within the church and joins us today to talk about engaging students on campus.

Nic Burleson// Lead Pastor at Timber Ridge Church // @nicburleson

Notable Points:

  • Going to where students are is very effective.
    • Nic’s ministry meets on campus and has a student organization on campus, which gives the ministry unique access (org fairs, meeting on campus, etc.).
  • Students inviting students is important and so is training them to do so.
  • During service students text in questions that the pastor answers at the end of the sermon.
  • Excellence within the service is important in drawing students into the church.
  • Invite cards are given to students to make it easier and equip the students to invite their friends.
  • Social media is important in reaching students right where they are.
  • Allowing students to lead so that they can have ownership and make an impact.

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about the author

Nic Burleson

Pastor Nic Burleson began his ministry serving as a youth pastor for 12 years. In 2008, after leading two very successful and fast-growing student ministries, Nic and his wife Johanna followed God to become part of the leadership team at a young church plant in the south Austin area called The Connection Church. During the last two-and-a- half years, Nic has served as the Family Pastor at The Connection Church where he has led the children’s and student ministries, overseen the small group ministries and helped provide teaching and leadership for the weekend services. Nic earned his bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies from Howard Payne University and his Masters of Divinity degree from Logsdon Seminary. In March 2011, Nic, Johanna and their son Hayden moved to Stephenville to start a new church focused on reaching the unchurched and dechurched in Stephenville and the surrounding Erath County area. As Lead Pastor, Nic is responsible for the teaching, vision, and overall leadership of Timber Ridge. Pastor Nic is passionate about creating a relaxed church atmosphere where real, ordinary people can experience the truth of Jesus in a way that is relevant to everyday life.

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