Sep 01, 2016


Episode 115: Hitchhikers Crosspoint

Rurality, Video Multisite and College Towns

Andy Addis and Eric Franklin are both on the executive board of Crosspoint Church which has 12 locations in rural Kansas.  Today Andy and Eric join us to talk about multi-site venues and how this can be used to reach rural areas and college students.


Andy Addis// Lead Pastor // @andyaddis

Eric Franklin// Executive Pastor of Strategic Development//@ericdotfranklin


Notable Points:

  • If video works in rural Kansas it can work almost anywhere.
    • There will alway be pushback when trying to start a video venue.
  • Video venues allow you to save money and to free up a campus pastor to spend more time discipling.
  • Video is just technology it is the same as Paul writing letters to the churches that he was ministering to.
    • We are keeping the message the same just distributing it differently.
  • The campus pastor helps to provide the personal ministry that the congregation needs and frees them up from the time spent preaching.
  • The video needs to be high quality because it will take away from the message.
  • This model has been very effective at drawing students from private and community colleges.
  • Hitchhikers conference is an inside look into what is happening behind the scenes with church planting.
    • What works and what doesn’t work.


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Andy Addis

Andy is the pastor of a thriving Multi-site congregation based out of Hutchinson, Kansas (CrossPoint Church). In 12 years this church has grown from 120 to 3000 and added multiple locations throughout the state.

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