Jan 19, 2017


Episode 135: Stadium Clean Up

The Value of Consistent Fundraising

Chase Abner and Stephen Jones of the Salt Company join the show to chat about how mobilizing students to clean up athletic stadiums can help you raise funds for your ministry. Last year Salt raised 20% of their operating budget through this partnership with the university to clean up the Iowa stadium. They will share about this and many other unorthodox methods that can help you to raising funds for your college ministry.

Chase Abner // Associate Director Salt Company // @chaseabner

Stephen Jones // CST Resident //

Notable Points:

  • Stadium Clean up: after each home game they clean up the stadium and the surrounding parking lot.
    • This allows Salt Company to raise up to a fifth of their operating budget.
    • This can take around 200 people to do efficiently (you can make it work with less).
    • Try to build a relationship with the athletic department to where they view you as reliable.
  • How to start
    • Contact the athletic department.  If it isn’t directly through them they will know who to contact.
    • Sometimes you can get free tickets and parking as a part of the contract.
    • You need to get your student leaders on board/ require them to come as long as they don’t have an excuse.
      • Get them to recruit people as well.
    • Have different staff members oversee different stadium areas.
  • Specifics will be different based on the university you are associated with.
  • Build into your DNA the importance of raising money for the ministry and this is one way that students can give back.
    • This needs to be clearly explained by your church leadership.
  • This can help to maintain or create a healthy partnership with the university.
  • This may not be the right place to start because this takes a lot of manpower and you may need a good relationship to start this.
    • If you’re having trouble getting something started look first at your organization and staff team first.

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Stephen grew up in Des Moines and came to Iowa State in 2012. There, by the providence of God, he stumbled into the Freshman Kickoff and joined The Salt Company as a student. God used his friendships and the teaching at Salt Company to change his life. In 2015, Stephen graduated from ISU with a degree in Biology. He worked in an interim youth director position at a church in Des Moines for a year and a half. Stephen married his wife, Natalie, in April 2016. In August 2016, Stephen and Natalie moved back to Ames and he joined The Salt Company staff. Stephen loves his wife, burnt ends, and The Office.

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