Feb 16, 2017


Episode 139: Planting Churches in Catholic Cathedrals

Today, Christian Lachance and Chad Vandiver join us to talk about planting churches in repurposed Catholic Cathedrals in Quebec and how they are reaching the city.  Christian is a lead pastor and church planter in Quebec.  Chad Vandiver is the SEND Missionary to Montreal.

Christian Lachance // Lead Pastor Mosaic Community Church  //

Chad Vandiver // SEND Missionary for Montreal // cvandiver@namb.net

Notable Points:

  • Quebec is a post catholic city.
    • It is important to show them that the church is more than a building.
  • In order to use the facilities it took time to build the relationship with the priests and those in the Catholic community there.
    • Everything will work better and you the gospel will be communicated more effectively when you have healthy relationships in the area.
  • When working in a post-christian area you must communicate in a way they can understand.
    • You can’t assume they know basic things about the Bible, liturgy, etc.
  • It may be an effective strategy to try and buy and repurpose buildings from Anglicans or Catholics.
  • How can you help?
    • You can come to a vision tour.  Contact Chad for more information, his email is listed above.
    • Pray for Quebec, Chad and Christian.
    • Help with festivals and share the Gospel.
    • Finances are a big need currently.

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about the author

Chad Vandiver

Chad grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Paris, France. His experience sharing Biblical truths with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists comes from 30 years of developing cross-cultural friendships in urban contexts. He began ministering to Muslim friends through soccer in Ivory Coast and while attending high school in Paris, France. Chad and Shelly Vandiver led the North Africa team in Madrid, Spain during a pivotal time in Spanish history. While Shelly formed relationships with Spanish mothers, Chad served as an English instructor at one of the largest mosques in Western Europe. He has shared with Buddhist immigrants in the streets of Madrid, Spain and has witnessed to Hindus in corporate America. He is a specialist in relational evangelism among unreached people and has written curriculum for leading the local church to serve as a missionary to the unreached people living around them. He is a co-founder of the SENT Collective network and serves as the Send City Missionary in Montreal, encouraging the local church to strategically plant churches among the Quebecois, one of the most unreached people groups in the world.

about the author

Christian Lachance

Christian Lachance is the Lead Pastor of Mosaic Community Church in Quebec. Mosaic City is a multi-site church in Quebec that has planted two other churches in the Quebec area.

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Amy Dutton

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