Feb 23, 2017


Episode 140: Turning Vision Into Reality

Resonate’s Goal To Plant 17 Churches in 6 Years

Today, Josh Martin and Juan Cuevas join us to talk about how you can turn a vision of being a church that plants churches into a reality.  Martin and Cuevas are a part of Resonate Church in Washington which has a vision of planting 21 churches by 2021.

Josh Martin // Worship Pastor Resonate Church // @joshmmartin

Juan Cuevas // Multiplier & Worship Leader Resonate EWU //@J_JuanC

Notable Points:

  • Resonate has a vision called 21×21.
    • The plan is to have 21 churches planted by 2021.
    • Goal is after three years to plant a church and then plant a church every year thereafter.
  • You have to create a culture of sending in order to have a church plant that plants churches.
  • It is imperative to have an intentional student leader pipeline.
    • Utilize summer programs and give them opportunity to lead and own ministry.
    • Exposure and training are necessary in the process.
    • Missions trips can be critical.
    • Have expectations for multiplication and that they will be sent.
  • 3-2-1 Metric for house churches and future leaders.
    • 3 People baptized from their house church
    • 2 People Saved
    • 1 Disciple made
    • Look for the David not the Saul.
  • 2 year ask.
    • Every year Resonate asks students who are graduating to commit to joining a church plant for two years after graduation.
    • The key to this being successful is your vision being clear and you also being committed to it as well.
  • Have ready staff.
    • Have staff members that are experienced and have lived out the church and are ready to go on a church plant.Martin (@joshmmartin) | Twitter
    • Staff raises support so they have the ability to move where the church plant is needed.
    • Trust the Lord to use young leaders to plant churches.

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about the author

Josh Martin

Josh serves as the Worship Arts Pastor at Resonate Church, Pullman, WA. My hope for Resonate is Jesus. May our church know him and love him deeply, and may we take his story and rescue to our neighbors and the ends of the earth.

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Juan Cuevas

Juan Cuevas interned with Resonate in 2014 and now is the worship leader at Resonate at Eastern Washington University.

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