Mar 09, 2017


Episode 142: Crossing The Pond

The Benefits Of Overseas Missions

Today, Jack Smith and Mike Easton join us to talk about the importance of college students going on overseas missions trips.  Smith is currently in the field in Southeast Asia and Easton is the Missions Director at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa.

Jack Smith // Student Worker in Southeast Asia //

Mike Easton // Missions Director Cornerstone Church //

Notable Points:

  • Missions trips gives you an ability to see a larger picture of God’s plan.
  • Going to other countries can help students to realize that life is not about us.
    • This is the time that these experiences can help make a big impact on the trajectory of their lives.
  • What to expect on a short term trip?
    • Typically this involves sharing the Gospel and following up with people who respond.
  • Why are college cities important targets?
    • When students are in college it gives you a unique window to affect the trajectory of their lives for missions.
    • This gives us an opportunity to reach future leaders.
  • What is the difference between American missions and international?
    • The need is very great in other countries.
    • Sometimes you cannot openly start a church in a building.
      • The churches are often small groups.
  • How do trips help transform students?
    • Missions help sanctify all of us through difficult situations.
    • It is a great opportunity to learn team building and working with others.
    • It helps to build a desire to share the Gospel.
    • It helps students to understand how God has gifted them.
    • It opens up students to no longer be afraid of sharing the Gospel.
  • People in other countries, sometimes are more receptive than those in the United States.
  • Pray about doing a mission trip to Southeast Asia.

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Mike Easton is currently the Missions Director of Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa.

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