May 12, 2017


Episode 150: Peyton Jones on Reaching The Unreached

Running Toward What Scares You

Today, Peyton Jones founder of Church Planter Magazine and Co Host of Church Planter Podcast joins us to talk about church planting and how God prepares us in His mission to reach the unreached. 

Peyton Jones // Church Planting Ninja and Author //@PeytonJonesPunk

Notable Points:

  • What is a church planting ninja?
    • An apostolic figure who is a missionary that plants multiple churches and doesn’t seek recognition.
  • Church Plants unlock people’s gifts and the Spirit works powerfully through them.
  • “A butt kicking is a terrible thing to waste”
    • We learn from mistakes like Revelation 2 and 3.
    • Listen to Jesus and what He is telling us through the hard times.
  • Acts 1:8
    • Waiting is important before you go, like Jesus and the apostles.
    • Sometimes we wait because we are not ready for what God has for us.
    • God giving people power always involves mission.
      • Sometimes God calls us to go to places that scare us and He has our back.
  • It should be one of our goals to reach those who have no relationship with Christ.
    • We can either answer God’s call to go and share His message with power or change the message and go with no power.
  • “Write something worth reading or do something worth reading about.”
  • Run towards the things that you don’t want to do.
    • God will show up and it will turn into a habit.

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Peyton Jones is a Church Planter, Network Leader, Author, and Missionary. Jones' goal is to help people to think like the 1st century church leaders did. Jones currently working with the Multiply Team and a Regional Training Catalyst for the North American Mission Board.

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