May 25, 2017


Episode 152: The BLVD Concept of Blueprint Church

Making Disciples In Urban Contexts

Today, Dhati Lewis of the Blueprint Church joins us to talk about the BLVD concept and how it is important to make disciples right where you are at.  Lewis also discusses reaching out and discipling in the urban context.

Dhati Lewis // Lead Pastor Blueprint Church //@dhati

Notable Points:

  • BLVD: the concept is all about taking responsibility for the area you live, work, and play.
    • Making indigenous disciples to your neighborhood.
  • Our churches need to embrace the beauty and complexity that is the urban context.
    • Yes, there is tension, but it is important to make disciples in the city.
  • Why do people run from the urban context?
    • Fear of the unknown.  
    • We have generalizations about people who live in the city.
      • Sometimes people who do not look like you and talk like you.
    • Multiculturalism does not always fit in the current model of doing church.
  • We need to move from an ethnic missiology to a neighborhood missiology.
    • Create hospitality to help create space where change can take place.
    • Intentionally get to know your neighbor despite their ethnicity or cultural differences than you.
  • If you want more diversity then go to the place where those who are in the minority already go to.  For example go to talk to the Gospel Choir on campus.
  • Be student of your context in order to engage it.
  • God gives us a burden to make disciples where we are at and it is not a suggestion.
  • Disciple making is a life-on-life concept.
    • This is not just meeting once a week at Starbucks.  This is doing life together.

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Dhati grew up in California and went to college at the University of Northern Texas. In Texas he helped to start a college ministry and was a chaplain to the UNT football team. Now Lewis has planted a church in Atlanta where he serves as the lead pastor.

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