Jun 14, 2017


Episode 154: Send Relief

Unique Opportunities to Invest And Grow

Today, David Melber and Susan Peugh of Send Relief join us to talk about how we can serve our communities and help get our students involved in Community outreach and live on mission.

David Melber // Vice President Send Relief //@davidmelber

Susan Peugh // Collegiate & Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator //

Notable Points:

  • What is Send Relief?
    • The branch of North American Mission Board that works with disaster relief, foster care, and other community needs.
  • Recognizing need in the community is key to living like Christ.
  • Helping with community needs helps give opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • College students want to make a difference and working with Send Relief and other community needs organizations can help with that.
    • College students have more wealth than they think; most people in the world live off of less than $2 a day.
  • We need to help students understand that we need to invest ourselves along with time and money into the community needs.
    • We are all poor to some degree, whether spiritually or physically.
    • We should help students see how their gifts and passions can be leveraged for the gospel.
  • This is an opportunity to show people that their lifestyle can reflect living on mission.
    • We need to show students the impact that community work can help create a movement.
  • Students can be involved with the disaster relief and other events that Send Relief is helping.

Links We Talked About

Send Relief Home Page

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about the author

David Melber

David Melber is currently the Vice President of Send Relief. Melber started working with community outreach and relief through the Crossings in Kentucky in 1999. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and lives with his wife and six kids.

about the author

Susan Peugh

Susan is the Collegiate & Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator with Send Relief.

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