Jun 22, 2017


Episode 155: Beach Reach

Creating A Culture Of Evangelism

Today, Rob Warren and Mark Whitt join us to talk about a spring break opportunity called Beach Reach and how it can help grow students for when they return.

Rob Warren // Lead Pastor and Church Planter //@RJ_Warren

Mark Whitt // Collegiate/Young Adult Specialist for Lifeway //@MarkWhitt70

Notable Points:

  • What is Beach Reach?
    • Beach Reach is an opportunity for students to get evangelism training and experience in Panama City Beach, Florida over spring break.
    • Students will serve others free pancakes and share the gospel while doing so.
    • Students and leaders give free van rides to people at night and share the Gospel.
    • Street teams walk around Panama City and talk to people on the street.
  • What are the benefits?
    • It helps grow students urgency to share the gospel and equip them to share.
    • It helps grow a culture of evangelism back on campus.
    • It isn’t about what happens at Beach Reach, but about how students return.
    • God does amazing things while students are down in Panama City.
    • It will help to grow your student’s prayer lives and your own.


Links We Talked About

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Mark Whitt

Mark Whitt is the Collegiate and Young Adult Specialist at LifeWay Christian Resources. Before joining LifeWay, he spent many years on the campus of Murray State University as a campus minister.

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Rob Warren

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