Dec 14, 2017


Episode 175: Synchronizing College Ministry and Church Planting

Today, Dave Turner and Mike Mcdaniel talk about how synchronizing college students with church planting can have a huge effect on reaching the world for Christ.

Dave Turner // Director of Summit College //

Mike Mcdaniel // Director of the Summit Network // @mikermcd

Notable Points:

  • What is the vision of Summit Church?
  • Why the goal of 1000 churches?
  • How many so far?
  • What is Summit Network/College?
  • How has this mission resulted in mobilizing college Students?
  • What is the GoNow initiative?
  • What inspired this college church planting vision?
  • How can college students join this?
  • What are the plans for the future?

Links We Talked About

Summit Church

Summit Network

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about the author

Dave Turner

Dave serves as the College Pastor at the Summit Church RDU. Dave’s primary goal in life is to know Christ more deeply each day and help others to as well…in hopes that they would all be “disciples who make disciples”.

about the author

Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel is the Director of the Summit Network and before that was a Church Planting Pastor at Summit. McDaniel is a graduate of Southeastern Theological Seminary and resides in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.

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Amy Dutton

Designer. Dreamer. Programmer. Designer.