Jan 26, 2018


Episode 177: The Birth Of The Send Institute

Today we are in a conversation with the Daniel Yang, the director of the Send Institute. We will talk about in the show what it is and how it can help with planting churches and raising up pastors in North America.

Daniel Yang // Director of the Send Institute // @koobxwm

Notable Points:

  • Today we are meeting with the Director of the Send Institute.
  • The Send Institute is a think tank for church planting in America.
  • The goal is to bring research and information to church planters.
  • They try to look at the biblical framework and boundaries we are living in?
  • Helping to build organizational leadership.
  • How do they gather and send information?
  • What are some of the cultural norms forming in North America that can affect church planting in the future?
  • What have you found about millennials and church planting?
  • There is a great opportunity to speak into the culture and direct people to the kingdom.
  • The college campus is a fueling place for gospel movement.

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Article From Christianity Today 



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