Feb 07, 2018


Episode 178 – Daniel Im

Understanding and Starting Church Planting Movements

Today we met with Daniel Im, of NewChurches.com. Daniel will share with us the power of movements in North America and how Churches can be equipped to reach the next generation.

Daniel Im // Founder of NewChurches.com // @danielsangi 

Key Points: 

  1. Daniel tell us a little about your background, how you got to Lifeway and what you do with New Churches.com?
  2. This year at Exponential you and Ed Stetzer shared a really significant booklet called 1,000 Churches. Can you tell us a little bit about why you guys decided to write it?
  3. What is a church planting movement vs. a church multiplication movement?
  4. Can you give us some examples of where we’ve seen these take place in the North American Context?
  5. Why are we not seeing church multiplication movements taking place today?
  6. What can we or should we do if we want to see college students engage in church planting that goes movemental?
  7. What three books should we be reading now about movements?

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Daniel Im

My name is Daniel Sangi Im and I am the Founder and Director of Church Multiplication for NewChurches.com at LifeWay Christian Resources.

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