Apr 12, 2018

Collegiate Collective

Episode 184: How To Effectively Use Social Media

On today’s show, we talk about how we can advance the gospel through utilization of Social Media.

Social Media is important as an avenue because:

  • Where your students are and where they are talking
  • Students process through social media
  • Students post what is important to them

Questions to develop a social media strategy:

  • What are you trying to say?
  • What are 1-3 themes that you will focus on? (Share the gospel, equip believers, raise money)
  • Who are you trying to talk to? (Greeks, people that come to everything you do, parents, donors, etc.)

Social media is more an art than science

Resources we talked about:

Relevant Magazine

Desiring God

Social Media Examiner

Amusing Ourselves to Death

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