Apr 26, 2018

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Episode 186: Reaching College Students In Canada

Today, Rahul talked with Jonathan Webster about Sanctuary Church, Canada and how they are reaching students in Canada. Sanctuary has an incredible story about how they became a college-focused church and why they value being a church that meets on campus.

Jonathan Webster // Lead Pastor of the Sanctuary Church in Oakville 

Key Quotes:

  • Let the Holy Spirit clear the space he will align the people with the vision.
  • We weren’t going to be a threat. We want to be a gospel conversationalist.
  • You have to keep going back to the vision. Ask why do we exist? Then, highlight all the favor God has given.
  • People get excited when they see young adults begin to lead in the church.

3 ways to earn favor with the campus:

  1. Pay your bills on time or early
  2. Ask, “Is there anything we can help with?” or “Is there anything you are struggling with?”
  3. Leave the space cleaner than you found it

4 things to remind yourself and your church:

  1. Understand that the harvest is plentiful
  2. Be bold in your vision
  3. Be obedient to the call
  4. Never stop running through the doors that God opens

Connect with Jonathan:

Email: jwebster@thesanctuary.ca

Website: http://thesanctuary.ca/

Twitter: @SanctuaryOak

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Jonathan Webster

Jonathan Webster is an experienced entrepreneur and visionary with a proven track record of helping churches and organizations move from ineffectiveness and decline, to growth and vitality. As Lead Pastor of the Sanctuary Church in Oakville, he is driven by the desire to multiply churches and young leaders who are successful in bringing the Gospel to a multicultural, metamodernist society. Jonathan’s hobbies include hockey, gaming, and the Liverpool football club.

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