Sep 13, 2018

Multiply, Reach

Episode 189: Pioneering Evangelism Principles

Rahul Agarwal talks with John Worcester about pioneering evangelism principals to help college ministries push past plateau and start growing. John is the father of Paul and David Worcester who both work full time in college ministry and are regular contributors to Collegiate Collective. John has helped 1000s of church planters learn the principal of evangelism-focused planting.

John Worcester // Church Planting Leadership //

2 Parts to Jesus and Paul’s strategy:

  • Build small teams focused on evangelism
  • Start new groups of beginners
  • Beginners – People who are either new believers or seeking (open to hearing about Jesus)

5 stages of pioneering:

  • Preparation
    • Find and equip a leader who will get at it evangelistically.
    • Then have them lead a team to do the same.
  • Evangelism
    • Equip the leader to focus all energy on abundantly sharing the gospel.
  • Beginner Greenhouses
    • Start a meeting that is just for beginners.
    • Should have more beginners than advanced Christians
    • Stair-step beginners into the meeting (party -> Bible study preview -> 4-week study)
  • Build Systems
    • Functions of a ministry (Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, etc.)
  • Multiplication
    • Reproduction of the spiritual organization, not just the individual.

As the leader of a ministry, you should be pouring energy into evangelism and the few people who have the potential to start a new ministry.

How to get started:

  • Study John 1-4 and Luke 4-6
  • Ask what did Jesus do? Why did he do that?
  • Share the gospel with non-believers

about the author

Jon Worcester

John Worcester has been happily married for 45 years. He and Diane have raised two sets of twin sons that are all in full-time collegiate ministry. Two are in Asia and two are in California. David is planting Compass Church, next to San Diego State University, and his twin Paul has started an especially effective evangelistic ministry at California State University Chico, Ca. John first met some Christians and heard the gospel in college after being invited by a track team friend to a Cru meeting. Since then, he and Diane have started dozens of evangelistic growth groups, ministries and new churches in three countries. Their speciality has been starting with a small team and growing to 50- 200 or so in the first couples of years and then recruiting and turning the ministries over long term leadership. They have typically apprenticed future church planters in the process of their planting. It is estimated that over 20,000 people now attend these churches or their offspring. Planting repeatedly has given John and Diane the opportunity to continually evaluate and improve the startup process. John has especially focused on understanding and applying the pioneering strategies of Jesus and Paul. His training encouraging other ministry starters to apply these often neglected principles. John has trained 1000’s of church planters and pastors in many countries around the world. Just this year, he has done extended training events in India, Mongolia, Japan, China, Cuba and several cities around the USA. John is also working on writing up his planting experiences and insights.

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