Aug 27, 2015


Episode 63: Reaching College Students in Rural Settings

In this episode, Andy Addis shares the story of CrossPoint Church, and how it is reaching college students at community colleges and rural communities across Kansas.

Andy Addis // Lead Pastor, CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, KS // @andyaddis

Notable Points:

  • CrossPoint Church in Kansas began as a community church in one city, reaching 120 people weekly, to a multi-site church with 12 video venues reaching almost 4,000 across the entire state of Kansas.
  • Across the communities where CrossPoint has a presence there are 50,000 college students – at small community colleges, private schools, and state universities.
  • “Community colleges are factories for small town leadership.” – Andy Addis
  • CrossPoint’s goal is to reach 10% of people in every community that they are in, and two campuses have already reached that mark.
  • Collegiate ministry is relational, so you must staff for it.
  • To reach college students, you must provide them opportunities to serve in your ministry. This allows new students to immediately feel like they belong.

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about the author

Andy Addis

Andy is the pastor of a thriving Multi-site congregation based out of Hutchinson, Kansas (CrossPoint Church). In 12 years this church has grown from 120 to 3000 and added multiple locations throughout the state.

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