Mar 24, 2016


Episode 92: Together 2016

Jay Anderson, of the Pulse Movement, chats about an event called Together 2016. The event has a dream to see one million people stand together for Jesus on the National Mall. Goal is for 5,000 prayer groups to start as a result of the event. It will take place this summer on July 16, 2016. Jay talks about how to get involved in the event and how college students have played a major role in revivals.


Jay Anderson // Director of Ministry Expansion, Pulse Movement // @PulseMovement


Notable Points:

  • The Together event is July 16, 2016 in Washington D.C.
  • “America needs a reset to come back to Jesus.”
  • Praying for 1,000,000 to be at the national mall to show unity.
  • Goal is for 5000 prayer groups to start as a result.
  • Revivals have started with college students throughout history.
  • We are either prayerful or prideful.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Pray for the event – – being a partner
  2. Mobilize students
  3. Encourage to invite


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Rise – Trip Lee


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Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson serves as the Director of Ministry Expansion for PULSE. Jay grew up living in a different state or country each year until high school. Traveling with his family for his father’s work, Jay “inherited” the family business and travelled with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association setting up festivals. As the lead for ministry partnerships, Jay uses his God-given talents to network across the country with ministries, events, bands, and speakers for PULSE. Jay lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife Steph and their children.

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