Mar 31, 2016


Episode 93: Collective Conversation

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Rahul and Kevin take a look back at highlights from the 92 Collective Podcast episodes so far, and look ahead to what’s next! If you’re newer to the Collective conversation and community, this is a great recap of some of our most popular episodes and posts of all time. Also, hear about some of the exciting new posts and topic series on the Collective, and be sure to stick around to the end to hear a sneak preview of resources that are coming soon!


Rahul Agarwal // BCM Director, USF, Tampa, FL // @takethebrownpill

Kevin Stacy // Collegiate Projects Specialist, NAMB // @KevinStacy


Notable Points:






  • Something BIG is coming!! You don’t want to miss Episode 100!


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The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom


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Kevin Stacy

Kevin serves as Collegiate Projects Specialist with the North American Mission Board. He supports the NAMB Collegiate team by executing initiatives aimed at reaching and making disciples of the 22 million college students in North America.

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