Jul 25, 2016


Worship Expanding

Why You Should Move from One to Multiple Worship Venues on Campus

In this round-table discussion experienced multipliers talk about why their ministry added additional worship venues, what fears and questions stood in their way, and what rewards they have discovered.




Key Points:
  • For many ministries adding another worship venue is a necessity due to growth but it really can be a great added benefit to the leadership growth. When you have more venues you have more opportunities to train young worship leaders, band members, preaching pastors, and more opportunities for your students to serve.
  • When adding a new venue one important thing is to let go of some control at first. Facilitating an environment that allows rapid multiplication of young leaders is of great importance to being able to continually add new venues.


Questions to consider:
  • Has your ministry added additional worship venues? If not what concerns are there? What is holding you back?
  • What would it look like for your ministry to have more opportunities for multiplying leaders? What would the long term benefits be?


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