Aug 08, 2016

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Give Them the Greek

How to Engage Fraternities and Sororities in Disciple Making

Greek life takes a prevalent and prominent place on many college campuses across the country. Involvement in the greek system comes with great influence, but also requires great time commitment. In this round-table video campus ministry leaders discuss ways to intentionally make disciples of students in fraternities and sororities. They discuss the unique time constraints of this particular demographic and lay out strategies for redeeming their time to create strong relationships.

  • Rob Warren  (H2O Bowling Green – Bowling Green, OH)
  • Drew Worsham (Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
  • Jamie Boyd (Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
Key Points:
  • “Leadership is influence, and greek students tend to have the most influence on campus.” In many places the greeks are essentially running campus. This makes them a very valuable asset to ministry.
  • The greek system creates a false sense of community, many students do not see a need for community outside of their house, and even present a distrust of “outsiders.” As they go through school at some point they do desire relationships that are more in depth.
  • The goal is not to tackle the whole greek system at once, but to make a connection with one student and then equip and empower them to be a missionary in their own house. Once you have the “in” in one house they will begin to influence others.
Questions to consider:
  • Do you have current relationships that you could disciple with the intention of preparing them to be missionaries in their own greek house?
  • What are three ways you can support your local greek chapters in an effort to be more connected and to dissolve the distrust?
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