Feb 15, 2016

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No Campus Left

A Call to Launching Gospel Units on ALL Campuses Around You

Most people immediately gravitate toward large state universities when they start thinking about planting a college church or ministry. But there are many students at the not so “sexy” schools such as Community Colleges and commuter schools. How do we reach the hard places?



Josh Martin (Resonate Church, Pullman WA)

Josh Hyde (Campus Church, Western Carolina University, NC)

Jonathan Yarboro (Baptist State Convention, NC)


Key Points:
  • Many times we are afraid or feel unequipped to go to these campuses, but the Lord is good and the students are hungry. Once we can get over our fear of getting our feet wet there is much fruit to be had,
  • It can be argued that the local church is best equipped to reach the students of community colleges, where work force training reigns. We can equip and send a lay-person to the campus, and because of their vocation they have instant credibility with a particular student group.
  • By training up and equipping students that are a part of the unreached populations, we can see success. Sometimes it is just a matter of looking at the people around you to see who is ready to be sent. They do not need to be a rockstar to share the gospel.


Questions to consider:
  • Where has God already placed you?
  • Where can you have the most impact?
  • Are you training and equipping those who are will have a natural rapport with the “hard to reach” people?

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