Aug 13, 2018


Reaching Freshmen Roundup

With students arriving to campus in the coming weeks, we’ve compiled some of our top resources on reaching freshmen within the first couple weeks of the fall semester.

While you’re in the final planning stages for fall outreach, we thought we’d compile some of our top resources for connecting with freshmen during back-to-campus season.

Freshten – Reaching the Campus in the First Ten Days – Episode 158

On this episode of our podcast, Wes Smith joins us to talk about “Freshten” – Summit Church’s strategy to reach the campus in the first ten days. Wes talks about the importance of the first ten days that freshman are on campus and how you can use the window to help share the Gospel.

The First 10 Days: How to Successfully Connect with Freshmen

This video was one of our earliest posts on Collegiate Collective and has proven to be one of the most popular and discussed resources we’ve shared. In the video, Brian Frye interviews Drew Worsham (formely of Resonate Church) and William Kang (Gracepoint Church) about how and why their ministries prioritize connecting with freshmen in the first 10 days they are on campus.

Freshmen Fifteen – Sharing the Gospel with 1500 Freshmen in 15 Days – Episode 159

In this podcast episode, Mitchell Johnson (Redeemer Church, Texas Tech) shares about the strategy called Freshman Fifteen. The goal of Freshman Fifteen is to share the gospel with 1500 freshman in the first 15 days. Check out this episode to find out how.

Give Me Freshmen, or Give Me Death – Episode 87
In this podcast episode, Rahul Agarwal interviews Mark Vance and Jordan Adams (Salt Company – Ames, IA) about how their ministry prioritizes freshmen. One key takeaway is the idea that freshmen ministry shouldn’t just be an event, but a part of every event.

The Event that Transformed Our Freshmen Outreach – Paul Nunez

Freshmen Outreach

Paul Nunez shares how utilizing casual events during welcome week gives freshman key spaces to create relational connections with your ministry that provide golden opportunities to follow up with gospel appointments.

3 Things Freshmen Need to Thrive – Erica Young Reitz

In this article, Erica Young Reitz writes about three things that are crucial for freshmen to thrive on campus and gives pointers on how your college ministry can provide!

And don’t forget to check out the Kickstart Welcome Week webinar from Campus Ministry Today. Host Steve Shadrach interviewed our team member Paul Worcester about best practices for back-to-campus season!

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