Mar 28, 2016


Recommended Resource: Thirsty Devotional from Cru

Collegiate Collective recommends Cru’s Thirsty – a two-week devotional guide that provides students with an overview of fourteen core principles of the Christian life.

From Cru’s publisher:

If you’ve ever shared the Holy Spirit booklet “Satisfied?” then you know why we created Thirsty.

There are at least a half-dozen concepts (abiding, lordship, confession, reliance, empowerment, etc.) that are introduced but not developed or fully explained within the booklet. From Confession to Lordship, the Spirit Filled Life is a matrix of many spiritual principles all of which cannot be, nor were designed to be, addressed in a single booklet or presentation.

Thirsty is a two-week devotional that expands and develops on all the concepts of the Spirit Filled Life, devoting a day’s lesson and reflection to each principle. The 14 daily devotions are divided into three sections:

Section One: Person of the Spirit, Indwelling of the Spirit, Eternal Security, Empowerment of the Spirit.

Section Two: Walking in the Spirit, Abiding in the Spirit, Being Led by the Spirit, Worship in the Spirit, Expectancy and Humility.

Section Three: Power to Witness, Power for Holiness, Power to Serve, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Why we recommend it:

  • It is a brief, but reliable primer on principles that are key to walking with Christ for a lifetime. It’s a great tool for new believers.
  • It is designed with students in mind. Cru knows how students think and has created a resource that communicates with the right audience in mind.
  • The booklet is visually appealing and full of engaging illustrations that engage the heart and mind on multiple levels.
  • There is a clear emphasis on the Great Commission. Students will be compelled to pass what they are learning on to others.
  • Finally… IT’S FREE

You could use this with students as they prepare for a mission project or as part of their summer curriculum. Also, finding ways to process what they learn in a group setting will help the principle stick in more significant ways.

Download the Thirsty booklet as a PDF

Once again, we’re thankful for Cru and how God is using them to elevate and advance the Gospel on campus!

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