Jun 06, 2016


The Resonate Model

Reaching the Cougars, Vandals and the Pacific Northwest

Born out of a parachurch campus ministry in Pullman, WA in 2007, Resonate Church has exploded in growth, reaching hundreds of students on 4 campuses in Washington and Idaho. In “The Resonate Model” roundtable video, lead pastor, Keith Wieser, and worship arts pastor, Josh Martin, tell the story of how Resonate started and explain their intentional method of successfully engaging students with the gospel.

Key Points:

  • Resonate Church started out of a parachurch campus ministry at Washington State University
  • Once pastors at Resonate planted their first location, they shifted from a growth model to a multiplication model
  • 4 Core values of Resonate Church are: Community, Gospel, Mission, and Becoming
  • Extremely high value on community showcases the gospel message to nonbelievers, and gives believers within the church an environment to push & encourage one another

Questions to consider:

  • Consider what Josh said about the importance of the relationship between believers. What should that relationship look like, and how can it draw non-believers to the gospel message?
  • In the Resonate model, young pastors are given the opportunity to try, make mistakes, learn & succeed as a site pastor. How can going multi-site impact your church’s leadership growth?
  • Consider your church’s sense of community. Are there processes you can adjust within your system to increase the influence of community?


Links and additional resources:

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