Jul 12, 2018

Develop, Lead

Episode 188: Women In Ministry

The Importance of Building Up Women Leaders

Today, Rahul Agarwal talked with Ashlyn Portero about the role of women in ministry. She discusses how church leaders can build up and honor the women in their church as well give them opportunities to grow in leadership.

Ashlyn Portero // Executive Director, City Church // @ashlynportero 

Notable Points:

  • Ministries can honor women by protecting them and advocating for them. We have to first go back to and ask what are we teaching from the Bible about women. [6:50]
  • Churches and ministries can build up women by giving them opportunities. [8:00]
  • Teach women and men to work well alongside each other. Teach them how to have healthy Christian friendships and lead alongside each other. [8:50]
  • With the pipelines, program, and structures that we create, how do they allow for women to be apart of that? [14:53]
  • Rahul: “What would you tell women who are frustrated with either the way their church treats women or doesn’t have leadership opportunities for women?” [15:10]
  • Help women see the ways that they are gifted and equipped and come alongside her to develop her.[18:45]

Influential Women Voices:

  • Jen Wilkin // @jenniferwilkin
  • Amy Bird
  • Trillia Newbell // @trillianewbell
  • Elizabeth Graham
Resources we talked about:

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Ashlyn Portero

Ashlyn is an Executive Director at City Church in Tallahassee, FL. She has served on staff at City Church since 2011, and is a graduate of Florida State University, and a current student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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